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A MISS in the 4th and 7th Day!

It is always frustrating to realize one has missed the obvious after a teaching has already been published.  Perhaps another version is in order.  :)

How many have watched the 2 part series, "The 4th and 7th Day?"

The Fourth and Seventh Day - Part 1

The Fourth and Seventh Day - Part 2

The pattern of the 4th and 7th day is found in the tabernacle, in creation week, in the prophets, and in the new testament...

We missed one of the easiest ones...

The moedim (appointed times) of Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Shavuot, Trumpets, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot all POINT to the Messiah.

Much of the role of the Messiah as Messiah ben Yoseph is accomplished in the first FOUR appointed times (SPRING), and he came on the FOURTH day.

Much of the role of Messiah ben David will be accomplished in the last THREE appointed times (FALL).  THREE days after the FOURTH day is the SEVENTH day...also showing that He will return on the SEVENTH DAY to accomplish the REST (pun intended to those who know about the 1,000 year "day" of rest)

Just thought we would throw that out there for fun today.

The FOURTH and SEVENTH day is everywhere...

Have you noticed that the first 4 seals in Revelation are thematically connected, and the last three are separate....a 4 and 3.  Likewise, the Trumpets are a 4, and then the last three are called the "3 Woes" ...again, you have a 4 and 3...as the seals and trumpets are the last opportunity to repent before the SEVEN bowls of wrath...

Anyway...there are more in the TANAKH and BRIT HADASHA...enjoy finding "The 4th and 7th Day" in your studies!