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Hate is Easy

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This week we're posting, with permission, a blog post written by Christy Jordan of Seeking Scripture.(https://seekingscripture.com/hate-is-easy/)

Christy Jordan - Seeking Scripture

"Too many people want to flip tables and too few want to love their enemy."

The sentence was part of me gathering my thoughts and putting them on paper this morning. 

It’s easy to flip the tables. It’s harder to love. Loving takes you out of your comfort zone. It will make your friends question your loyalty and, in this culture, even your faith, and quite frankly we can’t do it on our own, we need the help of the Holy Spirit. So loving our enemy, those not like us, those that our flesh would have us avoid, those who think different, talk different, look different, and live differently, requires us to lean on the Holy Spirit each and every day. It requires us to humble ourselves, deny our pride and self-righteousness, and wash some dirty feet, realizing that, if we are honest, our own feet are no cleaner. 

Hate is easy.

Anger flows freely when allowed. 

Pride puffs us up and has us fighting to justify our lust for wanting to fight. 

It is stunning how we can look past all of the courageous acts of love from our Messiah and key in on a moment of anger as the sole example to follow. The world is not in the state it is in because of unbelievers. We got here because believers convinced themselves that following their own heart is better than following His. 

Hate is easy. Love is hard. 

With His help, we can do hard things.