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Answering Your Questions (Yoga, Two Witnesses, Prosperity Gospel, Unbelievers, and More)

Jul 29, 2022 119 Ministries

In this video series we want to look at some of the most common things asked for the benefit of everyone to hear and to test themselves. In this presentation we are going to respond to the questions:

  • Should a believer practice Yoga?
  • How should we apply the concept of having two witnesses?
  • Is the Prosperity Gospel Scriptural?
  • Is being homosexual or bisexual a sin?
  • What is a Believer?
  • What happens if my country doesn’t allow divorce and remarriage?
  • Is someone who follows only Allah a believer?
  • Is the Siddur important?
  • Does Leviticus 18:22 address pedophilia and not homosexuality?

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